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  • ESL in the EU: Policy overview and development

    In the OMC process the EU’s strategic goals on ESL are framed, measured by specific indicators and benchmarks (by 2020 the share of ESLers should be less than 10%), translated into national ESL policies and periodically monitored. Knowing and understanding this process among all relevant actors is crucial for their more proactive involvement in ESL policy-making and contributing to good governance in the EU.

  • 23 July 2015, by Urška Štremfel
  • ESL in the EU: Learning from differences and common trends

    The differences in policies and practices for addressing ESL in the EU should be seen as creating a lucky situation since through the process of policy learning they enable various unique solutions to be found to the ESL problem. Despite the well-established architecture for policy learning, the vertical transfer of knowledge between the various levels of multi-level governance remains a challenge.

    Keywords : EU  policy learning 
  • 23 July 2015, by Urška Štremfel
  • The role of career guidance in ESL

    Career guidance (with appropriate methods, contents, early provision, the actors involved) can overcome two important (individual) ESL risk factors – the lack of relevance of schooling and the lack of educational/career aspirations. The systematic development of career management skills helps potential ESLrs perceive their schooling as a meaningful part of their lifelong personal, social and career development.

  • 23 July 2015, by Urška Štremfel