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  • The ESL situation in France

    The ESL rate in France has been below the Europe 2020 target of 10% since 2013, yet regional and subgroup differences remain. Since November 2014 France has had a comprehensive strategy to tackle ESL that provides for the establishment of multi-professional ESL-prevention groups in all secondary schools. The involvement of teachers in these groups is underway.

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  • 23 July 2015, by Maša Vidmar
  • ESL situation in Luxembourg

    Since 2000, rates of ESL in Luxembourg have stayed below the European and national target of 10%, with some fluctuations seen in recent years. However, ESL among students with a migrant background remains a challenge. Education and career guidance is very well developed and is clearly regarded as tackling ESL. Multi-professional teams in and

  • 23 July 2015, by Maša Vidmar
  • ESL situation in Switzerland

    Switzerland does not provide an official definition of ESLers, although the rate reported by Eurostat is low. The issue of ESL is typically embedded in the context of national programmes and initiatives tackling poverty, risk groups, employability etc. This approach importantly contributes to success in preventing and tackling ESL. Multi-agency partnerships at the local/institutional level are well established.

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  • 23 July 2015, by Manja Veldin , Maša Vidmar