Tièche Christinat, C.


  • Team cooperation in addressing ESL – lessons learnt from health and social care and education

    The many lessons from health, social and education settings for multi-professional teams dealing with ESL have been well researched (e.g. team training, sufficient time, funding and resources). Moreover, specifically for ESL teams, discussing how they approach ESL prevention, their understanding of ESL as well as creating an educational alliance are important. However, putting the recommendations into practice remains a challenge.

    Keywords : early school leaving 
  • 11 February 2015, by Maša Vidmar , Nika Knez
  • ESL situation in Luxembourg

    Since 2000, rates of ESL in Luxembourg have stayed below the European and national target of 10%, with some fluctuations seen in recent years. However, ESL among students with a migrant background remains a challenge. Education and career guidance is very well developed and is clearly regarded as tackling ESL. Multi-professional teams in and

  • 23 July 2015, by Maša Vidmar