De Witte, K.


  • Interplay of factors that contribute to ESL at the system level

    Aspects of the education system that concern the risk of ESL include the socio-economic segregation of schools, early tracking and grade retention. In that regard, protective aspects are high quality and accessible ECEC and VET. Well-managed transitions between educational levels that reflect a student’s changing needs in order to ensure the provision of a developmentally appropriate and engaging context are called for.

  • 23 July 2015, by Maša Vidmar
  • Early school leavers in their later (adult) life and social consequences

    ESL holds many far-reaching effects for an individual’s overall quality of life: lower employability, income and savings, inferior (public) health status, less risk aversion and increased criminality, less supportive social capital, and reduced lifetime satisfaction. To successfully tackle ESL, it is therefore crucial for all actors involved to be aware of the consequences and help combat ESL on time.

    Keywords : early school leaving