Symposium Staying on Track

Friday 10 July 2015, by Tugaut Hervé

The Symposium Staying on Track, organised by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in the framework of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union took place at the Cité du Savoir in Esch Belval, Luxembourg from the 8th to the 10th of July.
Thanks to Jos Noesen, the Tita team had been invited to attend this event.
TITA members involved:
- ERI: Urska Stremfel and Masa Vidmar
- Cereq: Fanette Merlin
- Ifé: Catherine Perotin, Rémi Thibert, Annie Feyfant, Hervé Tugaut
- HEP Valais: Sophie Amez-Droz
- Ministry of Education of Luxembourg, Lycée Technique Ettelbrück: Claire Friedel-Russon, Jos Noesen
- Ministry of Education of Spain
- FSZK: Maria Bognar
- The French Minsitry of Education was represented.

A poster has been produced in order to present the aim and the tasks of the TITA project.
TITA team made an internal work session in order to discuss the current and pending tasks.
The different members participated to the 6 workshops and especially the workshop "Building relationships between school, family and community to enhance students’ school persistence and prevent ESL". Rémi moderated the workshop "Studies and analyses on ESL: the complementarity of European, national and individual perspectives"