Dekkers, H.


  • Interplay of factors that contribute to ESL at individual/family level

    Many factors at individual and family level have been found to increase the risk of ESL. Most prominent factor is low socio-economic status. However, ESLs are a heterogeneous category that contains a variety of subgroups (no single ‘profile’ exists) with very different needs and trajectories which should be taken into account.

    Mots clés : décrochage scolaire 
  • 11 février 2015, par Maša Vidmar
  • Interplay of factors that contribute to ESL at system level

    Many factors at system level have been recognized to relate to ESL. Very recently, well-balanced educational systems (PPMI, 2014) or consistent educational systems (Fthenakis, 2014) emerged as highly relevant system attribute. According to the authors educational system should be diverse, but not fragmented.

  • 12 novembre 2015, par Maša Vidmar