Tuesday 17 October 2017

Supporting teams in the early school leaving prevention in Europe TITA: From experimentation to training

European meeting - French-English simultaneous translation

Tuesday, the 17.th of October 2017 – Ifé Lyon

9.00-9.15 Opening
Jean-François Pinton, President ENS Lyon
Marie-Claire Thomas, TITA coordinator, project officer Ifé-ENS Lyon

9.15-10.00 The European tools and Policies regarding early school leaving prevention; the place of TITA
Suzanne Conze, European Commission -Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
Irena Psifidou, Cedefop European Centre for the development of vocational training

10.00 -11.15 The cooperation between various professionals: between ideal and suffering.
How to support the processes of negotiation and alliance ?

Marco Allenbach, Teacher Trainer HEP Vaud (Switzerland)
Video training, a tool for professional practices’ transformation
Luc Ria, University professor in Education Sciences – ENS de Lyon

11.30-12.00 Prevention and collaborations in differentiated school models.
Comparative reading France, Luxembourg, Canton of Valais (Switzerland)
Dominique Maillard, Céreq, Centre of public expertise in training and employment

13.15-15.30 TITA, TITAction tools, retrospective and perspective
From design to training

Interactive session with TITA partners

15.45-16.30 For an ethical positioning within the pluri-categorial teams in school.
The contribution of TITAction.

Antoine Castano, administrator « Education et Devenir”
Hervé Tugaut, Anne-Marie Benhayoun, Ifé-ENS de Lyon

16.30-17.00 Conclusions
Ifé-ENS de Lyon

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