Sofie Cabus

Temporary or non statutory researcher
Maastricht University


Professional address
Maastricht University
Kapoenstraat 2
6200 Maastricht
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Carreer and responsabilities
  •  Economics

  •   Research center or department
  •  TIER - Top institute for evidence based education (Maastricht)
  • Research topics

    Her research today focusses on various inter-disciplinary themes in evidence-based education-health-labor-economics, such as: 

    - The connection between education and the labor market in particular of school dropouts;

    - Evidence-Based Life-Long Learning;

    - Effectiveness of Professional Learning Communities;

    - Recruitment bottlenecks in particular in the Life Sciences and Health Sector; 

    - Parental Involvement and the achievement and subjective well-being of primary and secondary education students;

    - Labor market outcomes and subjective well-being of in particular chronic ill persons;

    - School choice and competition in Dutch compulsory education.

  • Policy

  • Keywords
  • drop out
  • economics of education
  • early school leaving

  • Major publications