Allison Atteberry

Ph.D candidate or equivalent
University of Colorado Boulder
United States of America


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University of Colorado at Boulder
249 UCB
80309 Boulder, CO
United States of America
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Her academic interests center on policies and interventions that are intended to help provide effective teachers to the students who need them most. This has led to a focus on the identification, selection, development, and retention of teachers who have positive impacts on student achievement. Specific topics include teacher preparation, high quality professional development, mentoring and peer collaboration, efforts to use measures of effectiveness formatively to improve practice, policies that target district responses to teachers and schools based on measures of effectiveness, and incentives for the strongest teachers to work with the most disadvantaged populations.

  • Teaching practices
  • Learning and learning disabilities

  • Keywords
  • drop out

  • Major publications

    Atteberry, A., Loeb, S., Wyckoff, J. "Do First Impressions Matter? Improvement in Early Career Teacher Effectiveness." Invited Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Policy and Management. (see also NBER Working paper w19096).

    Atteberry, A. Defining School Value-Added: Do Schools that Appear Strong on One Measure Appear Strong on Another?.

    Atteberry, A. The Misattribution of Summers in Teacher Value-Added. Paper presented at Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) Spring 2012 Conference.