Yves Punie

Non academic expert
Commission européenne


Professional address
IPTS - Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (Commission européenne)
Calle Inca Garcilaso, 3
Edificio Expo
E-41092 Séville
On the web
Carreer and responsabilities
  •  sciences sociales

  •   Research center or department
  •  IPTS - Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (Séville)
  •  JRC - Joint Research Center (Séville)
  • Research topics
    • ICT for Learning and Skills
    • Open Education and OER,
    • Innovating Learning and Teaching
    • Key Competences and 21st century skills

  • Digital and educational technology
  • Teaching practices
  • Learning and learning disabilities

  • Keywords
  • drop out
  • digital technology
  • inclusion

  • Major publications
    [2011] Apprendre à l’heure du web 2.0 : article de revue
    C. Redecker et Y. Punie, « Apprendre à l’heure du web 2.0 », Administration et éducation, vol. 2011‑1, no 129, p. 33‑42, mars 2011.
    [2008] ICT for learning, innovation and creativity : rapport de recherche
    A.-M. Kirsti, Y. Punie, et C. Redecker, « ICT for learning, innovation and creativity », Commission européenne, 2008.
    [2006] A Review of the Impact of ICT on Learning : rapport de recherche
    Y. Punie, D. Zinnbauer, et M. Cabrera, « A Review of the Impact of ICT on Learning », JRC- Commission européenne, oct. 2006.